Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easy as Boiling Water

When I say I can't cook, it's not the kind of statement looking for the "oh, you cook just fine!!" kind of compliment fishing. Seriously. I can barely boil water. I've screwed up so many boiled eggs that I found this handy dandy egg timer from William Sonoma. The best six bucks I've ever spent. The only time I've walked out of William Sonoma with a purchase that didn't require a credit check and a promise of my second born. (too many stories out there about my first born)

First, we boiled the eggs:

Sounds easy enough, right? No fires yet. Success.

Then we color the eggs:

Sorry for the blurry photo. Next blog will be called "Burnt Photos"
We escaped the dying process without any loss of blood or staining of porous tile. Success.

Even though I put all the eggs in the fridge overnight, I still felt iffy about them to actually serve with our Easter meal. Plus I bought waaaaay too many eggs and a family can only eat unless they're on the Atkin's diet so it was the best bet for burning through them. Refer to first photo. Success.

We decided to actually do a project or two from Pinterest and make bunny and chick deviled eggs. They look a little psychotic . . .but close enough to be recognizable. 

All in all we had one claim tummy problems following partaking of the eggs but no one died. Success.

Blogging- It's more than just free stuff

So, I work with a lot of bloggers every day. I read blogs. I even register to win prizes from time to time although I've never actually won. I read tweets and facebook posts. I see blogs come and go. I see blogs grow and grow. One might think: cool! I get tons of free stuff and all I have to do it write a little post here and there. So, check the dates on my last post. I think it was February?? I'm not even sure.
I love the idea of having a blog but it does require a little effort . . .and oh yeah . .committment.

I have gotten a few freebies, that's true. But unless I get serious about this, I'll never grow. I'm not even sure anyone out there wants to hear my thoughts. But alas, cyberspace is a big place. Maybe if I store my thoughts out there, I'll have more room to remember things like field day lunch money and charging my phone.