Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hobby Lobby Has It Out For Me

The craft stores have it out for me. They know . . and they taunt me.
Can someone please explain to me why we have Christmas trees up and five rows of ornaments up in August??? So, I get the crazy Canton crafty people that need to make their wares so they are stocked up in time for the Jr. League Holiday Bizarre. Isn't that why we have an internet? So that I don't have to go into Hobby Lobby on a balmy 109 degree August day looking for extra large, multi-colored construction paper to complete my 3rd grade back-to-school shopping list and be taunted by these trees, and lights, and stars and colored shiny balls. They know December will come around and I'll still be unprepared. We both know it. Six months to go by and I'll still be crazy.

How many events do we have between now and Christmas?
- First Day of School
- Labor Day
- Columbus Day
- National Guacamole Day
- Halloween
- Thanksgiving
- Hanuka
- Kwanzaa

That's at least eight. Now seriously . . .I'm still finding Easter decorations that I missed. And did I mention .. .it's 100+ degrees outside!

oh well, at least I have six months to work on my excuses.