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Burnt Review- Wholly Guacamole

When I think of guacamole, I think of tacos and fajitas. But the more I read about avocados and the more I see them used in great foods, I realize that I'm letting my guac live to its full guac potential.
How rude.
As you may note from my blog name . .I'm not a great good. I'm not even a good cook. Even the basic meals like, says, frozen lasagna and jarred spaghetti gets iffy. But I try.  I also work full time and have a family to feed. Throw in soccer and dance and traffic on I-35 and dinner can seem like an impossible feat in no time at all. Buying fresh fruits and veggies are sometimes day to day. If I want or need avocado, the odds of me buying one that's not already rotting and then waiting the appropriate amount of days to use it are about as good as me creating an edible gumbo on a Tuesday night.

Here's what I love about Wholly Guacamole:
  • Always ripe, always ready is a slogan they use. And they're right.
  • I can freeze it and have it on hand at any time. Bonus for when it's on sale!
  • It's a great exchange for mayo or ranch on things like sandwiches, chicken salad, veggie dips and it's even pretty good on an omelet (ok, scrambled egg pile) with tomato and green onion.
  • It also happens to make a rockin' taco or fajita and is perfect for Build-Your-Own dinners including baked potato night and even replaces sour cream on chili.
There are many different flavors and spice levels to enjoy. Husband likes the spicy but I can't handle it so I mix one classic and one spicy and it's nice. The best part is the 100 calorie snack packs

Here's your Burnt Info:

Website: Eatwholly.com

Web highlights: eatwholly.com/recipes

Coupons: Facebook.com/whollyguacamole (this coupons resets monthly!) and you can get a great coupon for signing up for their monthly newsletters, which also have coupons here: eatwholly.com/coupons

These opinions are my own. I work for the company independent of this blog but thoroughly enjoy the product and this is a very real review of a very real product.

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