Saturday, February 4, 2012

Date Night and the Art of Reflexology

It's been a while since The Hubs and I have had dinner at a restaurant where 1- didn't ask for a high-chair and 2- actually ordered off the wine list.

We scammed employed my nephew for the evening, had non-veggie foods delivered to our doorstep and ducked out while the everyone was grabbing for the grub,   We even took The Good Car.

First off for a drink at a bar (so we could use their parking lot) and then walked to dinner. Fun was had by all. And then I surprised my husband with a trip to the local reflexology foot massage place otherwise known in my mind as The Place of Chinese Awesomeness and Back Rubbing Giddiness. Giddy? Yes, I was! I actually squealed in delight and clapped my hands when I realized they were open until 10pm.

This part of the date was a surprise to The Hubs and he, of course, eyed me suspiciously. But I totally reassured him that I knew it had been a tough week for him and this was all about relaxing together for both of us and totally left out the part where I've been trying to figure out how to get to this place for two weeks and finally landed on date night so I wouldn't feel guilty about leaving HIM home with the kids while I got my tootsie's rubbed. So, see . . .it's not just for me. I was totally thinking of him.

First they bring out this big bucket of hot water with a tea bag in it and you soak your feet. Aaaahhhh.
Then they start on your head. The ear rubbing kind of hurt but then they did the hands and the arms and each.individual.finger. *sigh*

By this time the water is getting kind of cool so they take that away and start rubbing all the reflexology greatness on your feet and toes and I don't know what all that foot chart means but in my book it's just awesome and if they could only find the spot that turns off the part of my brain where that spends this relaxing hour making grocery lists in my head, remember what's due at my kid's school and wondering how old the wet clothes in the washer are and if I'm going to have to restart it . . .again.

Then the slapping starts and I know that sounds totally weird but petite Asian women who know how to work my feet and then start slapping my legs . . i don't know. It was just heaven!

This is also when I realize The Hubs has fallen asleep and is starting to snore.
He didn't even wake up when they put the hot towels on our feet. Later he even said, "they used hot towels??" 

About this time some new clients walk in. It's another couple. I can't see them but the wife comes in first and then the husband who WREAKS of cigarette smoke. UGH!

Then they flip you over and start on your back. So the cool thing about this is that they do all this and you don't have to take off your clothes. I have some friends who visit a Korean Spa and they go all crazy with the naked time and love it, but it's just not for me.

That little lady actually climbed on top of me and started to dig her elbows into my back and shoulder blades and spine. By the time she was done I didn't know if I should smoke a cigarette or maybe just french kiss the dude on the second row.

When it was over and I had to sit up I felt like a jelly fish. By the time we got home the kids were in bed. After the babysitter was paid and goodbye's we did exactly you do when you have a wonderful meal, great conversation and a hour and a half of Chinese rub-down.

We got in bed . . .and went to sleep.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recipe Review- Betty Crocker Chicken Cupcakes

Tonight we tried this recipe from the Betty Crocker website.
They call it "Impossibly Easy Mini Thai Chicken Pies" but we called them Chicken Cupcakes.
I made two versions, one with the Thai curry sauce and one without. Needless to say, the hubs was the only one that ate the curry sauce.

Their Pie Picture. Pretty, huh?
These weren't too bad. I cheated and used a rotisserie chicken from Kroger and added mushrooms because I thought I could cut them up small and sneak them in. It worked. Kids didn't even wrinkle a nose at them.

My version came out looking like this:

So, I'm thinking these might be really good for a party situation or an on-the-go kind of need. They worked really well for dinner. We also had some side veggies and a salad and overall it was pretty decent.

Burnt Salad Snapshot:
Difficulty: Not bad considering the title advertised as "Impossibly Easy". The site also has a lot of other varieties of this that includes a lot of different ingredients and meats. Click Here

What I Screwed Up: Not too much. The paper cups were cheap-o's and they got a little sticky. During clean up I put them in the trash and the dog ate them whole. So paws up from the dog. Note to self . . .dog doesn't need to ask twice to be let out tomorrow.

Second Chance: Sure. It was really quick and easy with the rotisserie chicken and made a good meal with the veggies. I'd try the other varieties as well.

Family Quotes: Nothing block buster here. Lots of chewing and nodding. That's a good sign, right?